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If you are a referral, we would love to hear from you and the information about who referred you to us. If you have found us online, welcome and if there are any questions we can answer, please email or call us!

About Our Company

I embarked on my journey in the paver industry during my high school years, where I spent summers working for a local landscaping company. Since then, I have successfully built both a landscape company and a paver company. Over the course of 16 years in Ohio, I honed my skills in landscaping, specializing in the design and installation of pavers, as well as creating fire pits, seating walls, and retaining walls. Throughout my career, I have gained comprehensive experience in all aspects of paving, including installation, design, sales, and management.

Nearly 8 years ago, my wife's job led us to Vero Beach, where I felt compelled to restart my journey within the local paving industry. With the unwavering support of my wife and the invaluable assistance and encouragement from dear friends, I founded 12 Stones Paver Co. Our services encompass estimating, permitting, design and layout, site management, customer relations, scheduling, and on-site crew management. Leveraging my 25 years of management experience, we have established industry best practices to ensure secure and enduring installations.

At 12 Stones Paver Co, we take immense pride in our workmanship and attention to detail. Your project is not only a testament to our company but also an extension of our values as a dedicated family. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to showcase our expertise by delivering a stunning hardscape addition or replacement for the place you call "HOME."

I have been happily married to my wife, Brittney, for a decade, and our journey together extends even further. Our beautiful family consists of three wonderful children: Jared (16), Emma (10), and Maxlyn (8). As pet enthusiasts, we also share our home with three dogs, two cats, and an adorable bunny that brings joy to our girls. Our family thrives on engaging in activities that foster togetherness and adventure, such as camping, beach outings, and any outdoor pursuits. Additionally, we all share a deep passion for music, with my personal involvement in several bands and my current role as a guitarist in a new musical venture. Brittney is skilled in playing the piano, while the kids enthusiastically explore their musical talents on the guitar or piano.

In our partnership, Brittney serves as the CFO, overseeing all aspects of finance and HR, providing essential support, and contributing to the strong foundation of our business. Together, we embark on this entrepreneurial journey with unwavering faith.


Our story began in Montpelier, Ohio, where we met and exchanged vows. Seven and a half years ago, we took a leap of faith, relocating to pursue new opportunities. Brittney received an exceptional job offer from Dyer Auto Group, and I aligned myself with a career that I am truly passionate about—pavers.

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